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The Isle of Man is home of many talents. The famous Bee Gees were born here, as was Samantha Barks, Bollywood star and influencer  Amy Jackson. Beckii Cruel made it even further and became a pop phenomena in Japan.

Others came and stayed. You might spot Gimli, or in real life known as Bafta award winning actor John Rhys Davies, in the streets or chat with YouTube award winner Tanya Anderson.

Hollywood A-listers who filmed here include Daniel Craig, Alec Baldwin, Patrick Swayze, Christian Slater, Julie Andrews, Kathleen Turner, Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Renee Zellweger.

Brit superstars and entertainers Colin Firth, Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson and Dame Maggie Smith have filmed here as well, and as an island of petrol heads of course both teams from former and new Top Gear.

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