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The Isle of Man is proud of its long tradition to be at the forefront of telecommunication. For instance the island succeeded with the second rollout of a 3G network in Europe, and it was the first of a European HSDPA 3.5G network.

The Island has an advanced telecommunications infrastructure with leading-edge fixed and mobile telecoms networks and highly resilient bandwidth connectivity delivered through outstanding data centres offering industry leading DDOS mitigation solutions.

With several telcos, ISPs, six ISO27001 certified data centres and a teleport for broadcast uplinks, the Isle of Man is prepared for your:

  • Cloud content hosting, preparation and management
  • Channel origination (playout)
  • Online Video Services (OTT)
  • VoD content syndication
  • Delivery via Satellite, DTT & OTT

Teleport and uplink services

SES, the world leading satellite operator, operates currently a network of over 30 teleports and other partner teleports. The Isle of Man teleport is a state-of-the-art facility providing satellite telemetry, tracking and commanding (TT&C) facilities and capacity management, together with a wide range of teleport services such as uplink, downlink and contribution services for broadcasters and data centres. The Island is linked via fibre to SES teleports and Media Centres around the world. Also the Isle of Man TT Motorbike Race broadcasts to ITV4, Velocity, Eurosport etc. are directly uplinked from the Isle of Man.

Off-island fibre connectivity

Carrier class connectivity to and from the Island is provided via seven discrete fibre optic cables which allow the creation of high bandwidth fibre optic rings connecting the Island with the North of England and Ireland. These links can employ ‘self-healing’ SDH loop technology which guarantees that if a fault occurs at any part of the link, voice and data traffic is seamlessly re-routed in the other direction. Similar resilient ring technology is also used on the Island’s delivery networks.

Connect yourself for content delivery to the Data Hubs of AWS, IBM and Microsoft Azure in London and Dublin.

Sohonet, who work with over 400 companies in the media and entertainment industry from all over the world, can connect you globally to all major media outlets. Their clients cover areas as diverse as studios, labs, post houses, facilities, VFX vendors, production companies, content delivery specialists and advertising agencies, can offer its connectivity for media data exchange with the world leading media companies like Warner Bros, Dreamworks, BBC Studios, Abbey Road Studios, HBO and NBC Universal.

And UniqueX, a global digital content delivery provider specialised in playout to cinemas, has its headquarters here. The company delivers films including live streaming to 2,500 cinemas in Europe and South Africa.

On-island fibre connectivity

Several licensed telecommunication companies and ISP’s provide a competitive choice for corporate network connectivity and related services. The Island’s National Broadband Strategy targets a 100% superfast fibre broadband coverage for businesses and residents. Highly resilient bandwidth connectivity is complemented by outstanding data centres offering industry leading DDOS mitigation solutions.

Data Hosting

The Island also has a sophisticated data hosting infrastructure served by five state of the art Tier3 data-hosting centres owned and operated by Manx Telecom, Wi-Manx, Domicilium, Continent 8 and Netcetera.


The Isle of Man is totally self-sufficient for its power needs. In fact, with four power stations the Island currently supplies enough power to sell their surplus to the UK. Hence the island has achieved entire energy autarky while being able to import power from the UK if needed. The Island is also committed to power diversity, renewable energy and reaching the Kyoto and Rio targets for CO emissions.

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