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About The Isle of Man

A 1000 year old parliament tradition of Norse origin, the world’s first nation to give women voting rights, no general speed limit and low taxes, the Isle of Man runs ahead of the Zeitgeist, while preserving its identity.

Located right in the middle of the Irish Sea, a flight hour from the English capital, the Ibiza sized Island is the only entire jurisdiction in the world to be awarded as a UNESCO World Biosphere Region. The Gulf Stream moderates the climate: there is an abundance of palm trees and even wallabies populating the highlands. What’s more the island enjoys more hours of sunshine than Zurich or London.

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Heritage & High Tech co-exist. Stone and bronze age relics, Viking and Norman castles, Victorian sea bath waterfronts are as visible as Hipsters and the thriving startup scene. Pubs take Bitcoins as well as the Manx and British Pound.

The Isle of Man, ranking the 5th richest nation in the world by GNP per capita, offers significant financial support for new businesses of its diversified economy.

Its Digital Media Cluster, as part of the Creative Industries and Tech sector, features global video production and distribution, local film making and coproductions and the necessary tech infrastructure for broadcast and streaming. More than 100 feature films including Oscar nominations, critically acclaimed and box office hits have been produced and shot on island. A dedicated national Fund supports our future TV, Video and Film strategy.

The Isle of Media is a non-for profit Public Private Partnership with Government helping you to start up.

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