The Isle of Media is the national development agency for the thriving Isle of Man video, television and film sector.

Finance and startup your Digital Media, Broadcast TV, OTT, Video Production, VR & AR, Distribution, Film, eSports, Animation venture on the Isle of Man. The Isle of Media was set up to assist ventures looking to set up business on the Isle of Man, and support and grow the indigenous community.



Find financial support by public VC funds (multi-million £ tech fund, multi-million £ content creation scheme), private equity, business angels and public grants up 40% to match your investment.

Data & Connectivity

You can rely on our world class telecommunication infrastructure, data centres, and new teleport. We have redundant architecture, including five sub-sea cables and six state of the art data centres.


You can grow with the educated workforce in TV production, post production and distribution. We support the work of the University College Isle of Man in Digital Media. If you are wanting to list your Isle of Man job or see what is on offer, please visit our careers page.

Our track records

The Isle of Man can lay claim to a long history of media production and distribution. Global TV production and more than 100 TV, film and animation production produced on the Isle of Man and co-financed since 1995. We are home to a large hub for global eGaming, with software creation and hosting on the Island.

Our Objectives

Our main objective is to act as a ‘Business Development Agency’ to support the development and growth of the Isle of Man’s ‘Digital Media Sector’:

  • from content and format production for all types of television and video formats including also film, games, animation, virtual and augmented reality
  • content aggregation
  • content management
  • commercial, electronic and physical distribution in all forms like for instance licensing, broadcasting, streaming, Video On Demand, DVD sales
  • display, financing, incubating, consulting and promotion of video and television
  • and other related activities
We will do this by, but not limited to, the below:

  • on- and off-island marketing
  • education
  • consulting
  • participation in definition of public sector policy
  • general participative and advisory  activities which support the development of the sector and its revenue, taxation and employment capabilities

We will act as an ‘Association’ for the representation and benefit of the Company’s membership and the wider Isle of Man economy and society.


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