The Isle of Man offers a stunning range of properties..

From Old Castles…

to New Castles…


and Contemporary Architecture…


to a mix of Classic and Contemporary Architecture…


as well as Eco Designs, blended into the landscape.

Some like it rather idiosyncratic…

This is the most expensive property for sale on the Isle of Man

others conservative.

or hide in the hills.

Image result for hobbit house isle of man

The average house price is just around £270,000, which is below the UK average and your really get a lot bang for you buck, even more so as there no stamp duty on the property purchase.

A Guide of the Isle of Man Town’s and Villages and many more useful information for relocating your family and business you find at HERE.

Isle of Man Estate Agents

Black Grace Cowley Residential and Commercial

Carter Moon Residential and Commercial

Chapman Commercial

Chrystals Residential and Commercial

Cowley Groves Residential and Commercial

DeanWood Residential and Commercial

Garforth Gray Residential

Harmony Homes Residential and Commercial

Lowey & Co Residential and Commercial

Manxmove Residential

Property Wise Residential and Commercial

Quayles Residential

Prime Real Estate Residential

Property Rental Agents

In addition to above agents

Arragon Properties Residential

Courtyard Apartments Residential

ProSearch Residential

Property Developers

Dandara Residential and Commercial

Forest Homes Residential

Hartford Homes Residential and Commercial

Haven Homes Residential




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