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The Isle of Man is incredibly well connected with five, and soon seven, submarine cables to Great Britain and Ireland. This self-healing infrastructure gives the island both incredible resilience, security and a futureproofed bandwidth to the rest of the world.


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“The teleport is a state-of-the-art facility providing satellite telemetry, tracking and commanding facilities and capacity management, together with a wide range of teleport services such as uplink, downlink, and contribution services for broadcasters and data centres.”

Martin Halliwell, Chief Technology Officer of SES Satellites



The Isle of Man is linked via fibre to SES teleports and MX1 Media Centres around the world. Via Sohonet you can connect to more than 400 media and entertainment companies including Warner Bros, Dreamworks, BBC and HBO. And UniqueX, a global digital content delivery provider, has its headquarters here.

The Isle of Man is proud of its long tradition to be at the forefront of telecommunication. For instance the island was the first of a European HSDPA 3.5G network.

Now the Island targets a 100% superfast fibre broadband coverage for businesses and residents. Highly resilient bandwidth connectivity is complemented by outstanding data centres offering industry leading DDOS mitigation solutions.

With several telcos, ISPs and six ISO27001 certified data centres, the Isle of Man is prepared for your:

  • Cloud content hosting
  • Channel origination (playout)
  • Online Video Services (OTT)
  • VoD content syndication
  • Delivery via Satellite, DTT & OTT

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