Creative Digital Nomads

So you are a creative nomad, a digital gypsy, that can work from anyplace in the world? Welcome to the Isle of Nomads!

Ranked as the Top 1 place in the British Isles to live, and 12th best in the world, the Island scored high in the annual HSBC Expat survey 2019 for its work-life balance.

1000 years ago the Norsemen, potentially descendants of the historical Ivar the Boneless (Vikings, Amazon), operated their Kingdom of the Isles from the Isle of Man as the centre of the Irish Sea. The logistics still play in favor today for entrepreneurs, and especially on the creative side. As a central hub between the creative audio-visual clusters of Dublin (The Digital Hub, Silicon Docks), Belfast (Harbour and Titanic Studios), Liverpool (Liverpool and Littewoods Studios), Manchester Media City and Leeds (HQ of Channel4), the Island provides unique country lifestyle alternative to the media cities. A refuge from today’s crime, traffic jams, pollution, hectic and other urban plagues, the Isle of Man offers a laid back country lifestyle in combination with a quick commute to the surrounding creative metropolises.

The UNESCO Biosphere award recognises the miles of unspoiled coastline and breathtaking natural landscapes, a balance of nature, people, business.

Several creatives, Youtubers, scriptwriters, actors and producers have joined in recent years the Island, and stayed, making the Island their home.

Noa’s Bakehouse has become the unofficial hub where Creativity meets Capital, Hipsters meet High Networths and People meet Politics.

Finally, locating your digital and creative business offshore benefits from 0% corporate income tax , no capital gains tax (if you exit), no withholding tax (on sales of IPR or content rights) and favourable low personal tax rates.



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