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As well as superb filming locations, you can choose to live in a flat in town, a new build on an estate, or a character property by the sea. At just over 35 miles long and with over 100 miles of coastline you can be sure you’re never far from a spectacular view. If you speak to most people on the Isle of Man, they would say that it’s the lifestyle that the Island can bring that really makes the Isle of Man come in to it’s own.

While it is impossible to deny the Island is quite far north, the average annual sunshine hours are consistently higher than London, thanks to our seaside location and micro-climate. The average population density is below 150 people per square km, compared to England where that figure is over 400 people per square km.  On the Island there are green fields, plantations or beaches surrounding you, wherever you may be.

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The Isle of Man caters for a love the outdoors and there are a wealth of events, clubs and societies in almost everything you can imagine from hiking to mountain-biking, kayaking to rock climbing, and much more. Stay in Douglas to watch some magical sunrises, or in Peel, also known as Sunset City, to watch some equally as amazing sunsets.

The Isle of Man to be the safest place in the British Isles based on overall recorded crime statistics from the period compared with the United Kingdom and Channel Islands the 2015-16 Isle of Man Chief Constable’s report.

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