“I found this place to be remarkable – the wildlife, variety of landscape and, of course, the adrenaline thrills of the TT. It is a secret jewel – and I’ll be back for business and pleasure. I can’t recall ever visiting a place with such warm and welcoming people.”

W. Clark Bunting, CEO Digital Circus Media and former President of Discovery Channel

As a nation with a strong local culture the Island is ‘content rich’. Where else could one of the most successful motorbike films have been made? “Closer to the Edge” has been recently complemented by “3 Wheeling”, a documentary about sidecar racing. Unique as well is ‘The Watchmaker’s Apprentice’ which tells the inspirational story of how Dr. George Daniels rose from Dickensian poverty to become the finest watchmaker of the modern era and how Roger Smith embarked on an obsessive, seven-year quest to become his apprentice and eventually, his equal. And if you spot a camera crew in the streets or hills it could be one of several independent local filmmakers, or a team from ‘Culture Vannin’ documenting the Isle of Man – ‘Ellan Vanninin Gaelic – ‘Manx’ culture and heritage.



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