From Biosphere and Beach Buddies

With the UNESCO Biosphere Award and its stunning landscape, the Isle of Man is the natural home for a growing community of content creators working on the ecology of our planet.

Most prominently, Isle of Media advisor Ellen Windemuth, CEO of Off the Fence and a seasoned Executive Producer and Distributor is actively involved in conservation and land development. Ellen was recently presented with the prestigious Wildscreen’s Christopher Parson’s Outstanding Achievement Awards. Her most recent venture, WaterBear, an interactive video-on-demand platform dedicated to the Planet, has produced a new series including a feature of the Isle of Man Beach Buddies. The video has been shortlisted for the Good Natured: Conservation Optimism short film festival. It showcases the positive influence the Beach Buddies have on the wider community, and the fun they all have in the process, increasing community spirit, general wellbeing and de-polluting the beautiful beaches.

Bees, Beauty and Biodynamic Gardening


Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens: Live simply, grow your own, make natural things

Tanya Anderson is an organic gardener, soap maker, beekeeper, green living enthusiast and youtuber living on the Isle of Man.

In her Youtube channel Lovely Greens you’ll find fresh ideas for growing useful kitchen garden plants, flowers for handmade soap, vegetables for homemade meals, or herbs for health.

Culture Vannin

The Island’s beauty as well as its challenges like coastal erosion are documented by many filmmakers. Is has been featured for instance by Julia Bradbury’s ITV series, ‘Best Walks With a View’, Andrew White ‘Walks around Britain’ or Arte’s ‘Islands of the Queen’. Culture Vannin, the national charity to support and promote the Manx culture, is a very active producer of environmental video documentaries, as are the radio stations Manx Radio and 3FM


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