Discover your own story at one of the Isle of Man’s extraordinary events. The Island is a melting pot of character and taste. With over 100 events taking place on our shores every year, you are never short of adventure. From fashion shows, own theatre and musical productions, poetry slams – a rich and active cultural scene and an embracing community spirit can create a splendid living quality you won’t find elsewhere.

Celebrate the best of the Isle of Man’s society, from literature and writing to dancing and tin bath racing. Taste the best of Manx produce at food and drink festivals, wine tasting sessions and brewery tours. Get lost in your senses with every sample/mouthful.  Meet familiar strangers with every new step of every day and event. Rejoice at new beginnings, events that give communities the power to bring joy into a life, a town.

Experience the rarest of traditions, which celebrates the beauty of our Islanders in song or literature. A place filled with independence; a spirit strong enough to break the back of neighbouring kingdoms.

Get lost in history, watch it unravel.

Events that are Manx made leave behind legacies, woven into our folklore of Vikings and Celts. Come to your senses.



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