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Love good food? Love good drinks? Perfect, we do too!

The Isle of Man has become quite a foodie destination. From local delicacies to global fare, the Manx food scene is sure to delight.

And some of our indigenous specialties have made to the world top resto scene from New York to Shanghai. Queenies, Queen Scallops, our newly named National Dish, are light, buttery, and succulent. Traditionally served in a white or cream sauce, these little guys are sure to be your new staple. The award-winning Isle of Man Creamery makes cheese which is so good, that it gets exported all over the world – but in the Isle of Man, it never travels more than 15 miles from farm to fork! Loaghtan Lamb, a thousand year old Viking sheep race, is native to the island and no, you’re not seeing double, these sheep have 4 (or 6!) horns. The lamb is tender with a complex flavour and is a TRUE delicacy.

Not only the Isle of Man has four breweries, we do have our distilleries as well!



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