Catering Collective

UK based but able to work with IOM suppliers and staff to deliver a catering solution for shoots on the Isle of Man.

The Catering Collective: A more cost effective way for Line Producers and production companies to cater for their crews. Aimed at small to medium size TV and film productions.

We provide an experienced Film catering chef and second chef to work directly for production as crew. You then rent separately one of our high spec film location catering trucks.

How it works:

Hire the chefs, rent the kitchen and give them a weekly float - then our lead chef will get on with the job of looking after your cast & crew.

For more detailed information please contact us.

Tel: 0203 5898696
Mobile: 07886305611


past productions:

A Field in England (2013)
— Location Catering
Ginger and Rosa (2012)
— Location Catering
Ashes (2011)
— Location Catering
Hysteria (2011)
— Location Catering
Creation (2009)
— Location Catering
In Bruges (2009)
— Location Catering