Spinnin’ Vannin

Spinnin' Vannin is a collective of freelance dancers, circus acts and flow toy performers, formed in 2013 by Zoë Barrow, who was inspired and taught by John Griffin at his circus school at the Villa Marina several years ago.

Spinnin’ Vannin is able to supply the following:
- 9 Poi Spinners
- 1 Diablo Artist
- 5 Staff Spinners
- 1 Fire Fans, Fire Palms, and Belly dancer
- 1 Flower Sticks Juggler
- 1 Fire Breather
- 2 Fire Jugglers
- 3 Sparkle Poi, Sparkle Staff and Charcoal/Wire wool Spinners

telephone: 07623262307

website: http://www.facebook.com/spinninvannin