Cregneash is a remote village situated on Mull Hill, in the south of the Isle of Man. Much of the village forms a "Living Museum", dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Manx ways of life.

Annual Manx festivals are held in Cregneash and it is home to a flock of the rare four-horned Loaghtan sheep. Officially opened in 1938, the Cregneash Folk Village shows the typical way of life of a small Manx village in the 19th century. Many original Manx cottages have been preserved and display Victorian farming and fishing equipment as museum exhibits. Historically most of the cottages were thatched, a practice which to this day is reflected on many of the cottages. There are also a number of private homes in the village but their external appearance is controlled to maintain an older look.

A central museum holds a wealth of historical information whilst many of the cottages in the village allow visitors to see country activities being performed by museum workers in traditional dress. Harry Kelly's cottage in the centre of the village typifies a Manx villager's home, where weaving or knitting often took place in the living area. In the workshop a blacksmith demonstrates some of the tools and techniques used to make horse shoes and other metal equipment of the time.


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