Hango Hill

Illiam Dhone (1608 – 1663) was a Manx nationalist and politician, famously executed by shooting at Hango Hill in 1663.

Dhone's name in English was William Christian. He headed the Manx Rebellion of 1651, after which the island was in the power of Colonel Robert Duckenfield, who had brought the parliamentary fleet to Mann in October 1651. The Countess of Derby was compelled to surrender her two fortresses, Castle Rushen and Peel Castle and Christian remained Receiver General. He then became Governor of the Isle of Man in 1656. Two years later, however, Christian was accused of misappropriating money; although these charges were never substantiated. He fled to England, and in 1660 was arrested in London. After serving a year of imprisonment he returned to Mann, hoping that his offence against the Earl of Derby would be condoned under the Act of Indemnity of 1661 but, anxious to punish his conduct, Charles, the new Earl, ordered his seizure. At his trial, Christian refused to plead, and a packed House of Keys declared that his life and property were at the mercy of the Lord of Mann. The Deemsters then passed sentence, and Christian was executed by shooting on 2 January 1663.


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