Milntown Estate, Lezayre

The estate was originally created in the early 16th century. It was owned by successive generations of the McCrystyn Family. By 1963 the estate was bought by Lady Kathleen Edwards. Now owned and managed by the Milntown Trust established by Sir Clive Edwards. The Trust includes a collection of vintage motor cars and motor cycles. The interior of the house is as decorated and there are many features dating from Deemster Christian’s 1830 refurbishment and the earlier periods in the building's history.

The Christian Family lived at Milntown since at least the early 16th century and parts of the house date from that period. During the seventeenth century extensive alterations and additions were made. Following the death of William Bell Christian in 1886, the house was run first as a private school and then as a hotel before bought and used as a family home.


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