Main sites of the town:

House of Manannan Museum was built in 1997, partly new and partly in the old Peel railway station. The museum covers the past and present of the island and houses Odin's Raven, a two-thirds scale replica of a Viking longship which had been built in and sailed from Norway, arriving on July 4, 1979 to celebrate the millennium of the High Court of Tynwald, the legislature of the Isle of Man.

The Manx Transportation Museum, which opened in 2002, is housed in the former Brickworks building near the harbour.

The Leece Museum was established in 1984 and relocated to the Old Courthouse building in East Quay in 2000. The museum is devoted to objects, photographs and documents specifically relating to the town.

Peel Castle, ruins of a Viking Stronghold, is situated on a small island, St Patrick's Isle, connected to the town by a causeway. It was built in 1392 by William La Scrope.

Kippers have been produced in Peel since at least the 19th century. Two kipper houses remain: Moore's Kipper Yard (established 1884) which provides tours of the factory demonstrating the preparation and smoking processes, and Devereau's (also established 1884).

Peel Centenary Centre (Manx: Ynnyd Keead-Blein) is an arts and community centre based at the Centenary Hall.

The former Douglas to Peel railway line is now a footpath and cycleway: the path is close to the main road and leads to St John's, from where it continues to Douglas.

Peel Harbour is the most active fishing port in the Isle of Man and is also used to import fuel oils. There is a fish and shellfish processing industry as well as the traditional art of kipper curing. The castle overlooks the entrance to the inner harbour, which is tidal. However a water retention scheme was built in July 2005 with a jetty from East Quay toward West Quay with an automatically operated gate-flap and a pedestrian swing bridge above it. The breakwater has deep-water berths with a lighthouse situated at the end. There is a marina where tourist boats and leisure boats are moored. Fishing boats are usually berthed on the breakwater.

Peel Marina was constructed in recent years, with 124 new berths installed by reclaiming part of the top end of the harbour for a boat park, and construction of a harbour office.

Peel A.F.C. has a football stadium on the outskirts of the town, whilst the Queen Elizabeth II High School has an astro turf pitch. There is also Peel Golf Club, an 18 hole golf course totalling over 5870 yds off competitions tees, located on Rheast Lane which was established in 1895.

A small modern Swimming Pool Centre is located on Derby Road.

The Headlands Field has a BMX track, football pitch, park and coastal pathway. There is also a telescope on the headlands which overlooks Peel promenade. The coastal path starts on the Headlands and leads all the way to Kirk Michael beach. Also on the Headlands is the park which has swings, climbing frames and exercise machines installed into it.

The Raad ny Foillan long distance coastal footpath opened in 1986 runs along the coast through Peel.

There are several churches around Peel. Peel Cathedral (the Cathedral church of St German), built in 1884, became a cathedral in 1980. It is the cathedral church for the Anglican diocese of Sodor and Man and is located in the centre of the town.

Peel Elim Community Church holds Sunday morning meetings at the Clothworkers' School. Grace Baptist Church, founded in 1974 as an outreach of the Grace Baptist Church in Onchan, is located in the former Peel Mathematical School building. It was purchased in 1984 and was renovated in 1997 and is listed as a "heritage building".

Peel Methodist Church is located in Athol Street. There have been a number of Methodist chapels in Peel. Peel Centenary Wesley Methodist Chapel was built in 1839 on Athol Street. Peel Primitive Methodist Chapel, built in 1878 it is now converted to flats. The organ is now in Jurby parish church. The Isle of Man Christian Fellowship are based at the Philip Christian Centre on Christian Street. St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church is on Patrick Street.


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