Port Erin Railway Station

The Isle of Man Railway Museum in the village of Port Erin in the Isle of Man is a small display that shows the history of the Isle of Man Railway through exhibits and visual displays which chart the history of the railway from its opening in 1873 until the present day, covering the now-closed lines that served Peel, Ramsey and Foxdale as well as the remaining line to Port Erin to which it forms part of the southern terminus.

The museum is situated beside railway station which is the southern terminus of the railway, on Station Road in the village. It is housed in a converted bus garage that once belonged to the Road Services, itself a division of the old railway company. Since rebuilt in 1998 part of the old goods shed has been incorporated into the complex, the other locomotive shed still being used as a workshop to maintain the locomotives and for overnight storage purposes. The museum is accessible from the station platform off the train, or by car parking in the nearby car park.


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