The Nunnery Estate, Isle of Man

The Nunnery is an estate outside Douglas on the Isle of Man, named after a religious foundation on the site. The Priory of Douglas was a monastery of nuns, possibly dating from the 6th century. It was suppressed by King Henry VIII during the 1530s.

The existing mansion was built for John Taubman in 1823 in the "Strawberry Hill" Gothic Revival style. The only surviving monastic building, St. Bridget's Chapel, served as a coach house for centuries, but it was restored to its original use as a place of worship in the 1880s.

The estate was acquired by the Isle of Man International Business School in 1999 to serve as their site of operations, following which the Isle of Man University Centre was established there in 2008. In 2014 Isle of Man Government approved the sale of the site to establish an ICT school of excellence.


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