Villa Marina Complex

Originally an Estate owned by the Steuart family in early 1800's. In 1910, the Villa Marina Estate, then known as Marina Lodge, was purchased by Douglas Corporation from the Trustees of the deceased Henry Bloom Noble and the Villa Marina Royal Hall and Gardens were opened in the the summer of 1913. Extensions to the Villa Marina were made in 1931. These included the Colonnade, Veranda, Public Conveniences and Arcade. In 1973, the Reading Room was converted into a Conference Hall. A new bandstand was erected at the Villa Marina in 1996. In 2001, the Villa Marina underwent a complete rebuilding and refurbishment, which was completed early in 2004. The complex includes:

The Broadway Cinema
A 146 seat cinema venue.

Royal Hall
With sound, stage and lighting technology, this 1500 seat venue is perfect for concerts, shows and events. There is a spacious dance floor.

Promenade Suite
Often rented room for meetings, events and local interest shows.

Dragon's Castle
Dedicated soft play area over many levels for children. Refreshment counter as well as seperate party room available.

Colonnade Gardens
Popular raised walkway, which links to the Villa Marina Gardens.


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