Cinderella (1999)

A magic tale of the triumph of good over evil in cinematic style and with a nineties flavour.

Marcella Plunkett plays Cinderella - known as Zezolla until she is renamed by her wicked stepmother Claudette (Kathleen Turner). Her father, Martin (David Warner), a hapless widower of noble blood foolishly remarries, however after the wedding, the reality of Martin’s lifestyle dawns on her. Claudette begins to plot the demise of husband number three.

When Cinderella learns that Claudette plans to secure a fourth wedding ring at the Royal Ball, she realises Martin is in mortal danger. Cinderella sets off to the Ball in hot pursuit, there she meets the young Prince Valliant (Gideon Turner) who is instantly besotted by her. And of course, as the clock chimes midnight, she disappears leaving only a tiny glass slipper behind..
Simon Johnson/Trevor Eve
Beeban Kidron
Kathleen Turner, Leslie Phillips, David Warner, Marcella Plunkett, Karin Cartlidge, Lucy Punch, Sharon Maughan, Jane Birkin, Gideon Turner
September / October 1999

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