Fade to Black (2005)

Set in 1940's Italy, Orson Welles, following the break up of his marriage to Rita Hayworth, travels to Rome to star in the movie Black Magic. Whilst there, he falls in love with Lea, an actress in his studio. But during the shoot, Dellar, a bit part actor (who is also Lea's stepfather) is murdered, and dies in Orson's arms. Sensing that there is more to the man’s death than the Italian police will admit, he asks his driver to look into the man’s death. As the investigation intensifies, Orson finds connections with the communist party and stories of extortion and blackmail lead them to a prime suspect. A closer look at the film's rushes reveals all.
Barnaby Thompson, James Spring
Oliver Parker
Christopher Walken, Danny Huston, Paz Vega
August / September 2005

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