Gypsy Woman (2000)

Leon Hawthorne, is a hard-nosed property developer recently widowed and left with an eight year old daughter.

Leon is on his way to a Coroner’s inquest into the death of one of his company’s construction workers. It is here he first encounters the dead man’s widow: the exotic, beautiful, but elusive Natalie. When Leon is given the task of tracking her down following an open verdict in court, we begin a journey into the unknown. Leon, the uptight urban capitalist becomes a fish out of water as he pursues her and her own eight year old daughter deep into the countryside. Following a series of extraordinary and hilarious episodes, which include witnessing a forbidden Gypsy funeral ritual, participating in a hazardous horse mating session and being confused with a rock star, Leon finally falls in love with Natalie only to find her gone, and is forced to re-evaluate his life.

Back in London he realises that despite himself, his priorities have changed but he is unable to get in touch with Natalie. It is their respective daughters who finally contribute to their parents’ coming together at a dramatic horse auction at the annual Gypsy fair in Stowe.
Paul Raphael/Justin Ackerman
Sheree Folkson
Jack Davenport, Neve McIntosh
September / October 2000

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