Hound of the Baskervilles (2002)

The Baskerville family is cursed. Sir Charles Baskerville has lived in obsessive fear of a family legend in which a spectral Hound wreaks vengeance on his ancestors. His death seems innocent enough but Mortimer, his friend and physician, is uneasy and suspicious. There is evidence of a desperate dash for safety. Much worse, the distinct footprint of a gigantic hound close to the corpse sends Mortimer to perhaps the most famous address in fiction; 221b Baker Street.

Sherlock Holmes confronts his most famous and complex case, which tests his deductive skills to the limit. Is it possible that one of the century's most developed deductive minds has met his equal? Brilliant, secretive, volatile, convoluted: Sherlock Holmes must use all his powers to expose the truth of the mystery of the Hound of the Baskervilles.
Christopher Hall
David Attwood
Richard Roxburgh, Richard E Grant, John Nettles, Matt Day, Ian Hart
April 2002

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