Piccadilly Jim (2003)

London, 1930’s. Following a string of scandalous incidents, bad boy American Jimmy Crocker - now labelled Piccadilly Jim by the gossip pages - proves to be a liability to his stepmother Eugenia’s social climbing and his put-on father Bingley’s dreams of returning to New York.

Nesta, Eugenia’s sister and archrival, arrives in London with her husband Peter and his niece Ann, determined to bring Jim back to New York.Jim bumps into Ann and is devastated - its love at first sight. But he discovers she loathes him by reputation, so has to hide his true identity. Jim decides to travel to New York, and there meets up with Ann. Together, they hatch a plan for him to come into Nesta’s house, pretending to be Jimmy Crocker (himself), to kidnap Nesta’s ghastly son, Ogden.

Jim arrives at the house to find his father Bingley pretending to be an English butler, having escaped the clutches of Eugenia. Comic antics ensue as Jim tries to woo Ann whilst keeping up his disguise and fending off the likes of crazy scientist Willie Partridge and Lord Wisbeach, who isn’t what he seems either. When the masks are finally uncovered and the truths come out, Ann finally sees the good side to the once hated Jimmy Crocker, and the two get married in a grand society wedding.
Pete Czemin, Graham Broadbent, Andrew Hauptman
John McKay
Brenda Blethyn, Sam Rockwell, Tom Wilkinson
November / December 2003

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