Suzie Gold (2002)

Suzie’s life seems to be just fine. She has great friends, career opportunities, and a loving family. Living at home with her parents, Barbara and Irving, and her younger brother Toby feels increasingly like a zoo to Suzie, as she comes to realize the truly neurotic nature of her family. Sadie, Suzie’s grandmother, is definitely a beacon of hope for Suzie, offering warmth, wisdom, and unconditional friendship. But something is not quite right. It’s not that Suzie could use a boyfriend, although, let’s face it, that would be nice, but more an overwhelming feeling that she has become lost in her own environment. As her world closes in on her, Suzie begins to question her role in life and develops a need to break away from the family and traditions that have always defined her.

Sophie, Suzie’s younger sister, is getting married, and needless to say, the pressure is on for Suzie to follow suit. This intensity builds, as Anthony Silver, a ‘perfect’ boy from a nice Jewish family, courts Suzie. Despite his strong credentials in the eyes of Suzie’s family, it is more pressure than attraction that draws Suzie to Anthony. There is no real connection between them.

The situation is complicated when Suzie meets Darren, a researcher at the TV station where she works. He’s smart, sexy, charming – but not Jewish. Suzie finds herself torn between family and heart, as she must decide whether to follow the path laid out before her or make her own way through uncharted territory.
Rebecca Green
Ric Cantor
Summer Phoenix, Leo Gregory, Rebecca Front
November 2002

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