The Dark (2004)

At an old cliff-top farmhouse Adelle and James' worst nightmares are realized when daughter Sarah is tragically swept out to sea. While James leads the search for Sarah’s body, a guilt-ridden Adelle is haunted by visions and traces of her daughter - its almost as if Sarah is trapped somewhere in the house itself. Adelle becomes convinced that Sarah is trying to communicate to her from THE DARK. When she finds a strange, scared little girl in Sarah’s bed, Adelle is sure this girl EBRILL is the key to getting her daughter back. For the legend dictates that the dead can be returned from THE DARK if a sacrifice is made – one of the living for one of the dead. And if this girl is who she says she is, she died over 60 years before..
Jeremy Bolt and Gary Sinyor
John Fawcett
Sean Bean, Maria Bello
June / July 2004

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Eary Cushlin

Eary Cushlin, Isle of Man

Hidden on the coastline beneath Cronk ny Arrey Laa, is the former home of recluse and eccentric Colby Cubbon who purchased Eary Cushlin in the hope that this isolated homestead…

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