The Martins (2000)

The Martins are the kind of people that you cross the road to avoid, Robert Martin (Lee Evans), an unemployed but optimistic loser, lives with his adoring but long-suffering wife Angie (Kathy Burke). They have two equally remarkable children - Katie, their rebellious and heavily pregnant fourteen year old daughter and angelic Little Bob, their eight year dyspraxia (clumsy child syndrome) son who worships his Dad. To cap it all their ramshackle home backs onto the M25 - the most hated motorway in Europe!

Nevertheless, reassured by the belief that nothing is really his fault and that the good days will surely come, everyday Robert wakes up thinking that things will turn out better for him and his family, and that surely today's the day he'll win one of those competitions he's always entering. All he wants is to be able to give his wife and kids everything they've ever wanted and deserve. After all he may have the head of a first class idiot, but within his chest beats a heart of gold.

One morning, when Robert discovers that yet again he hasn't won the Dream Holiday competition in his local paper, he finally snaps and what follows is a series of wickedly funny encounters as he decides that if he can't win a holiday, he'll just have to steal one!
Greg Brenman/Dixie Linder
Tony Grounds
Lee Evans, Kathy Burke, Linda Bassett, Lorraine Ashbourne, Eric Byrne,Terri Dumont
July 2000

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