Trial and Retribution (Series VII) (2003)

The discovery of a severed female hand found floating in the Thames is the beginning of a murder enquiry. DCI Roisin Connor (Victoria Smurfit) is called in to investigate which brings her into direct contact with DS Mike Walker (David Hayman), who is now back in uniform after his murder trial and relegated to running a local Richmond police station. This is a hostile reunion for Connor and Walker: she is a feisty lady, who knows all about his dubious past.

Walker is being pressured by Judge and Lady Winfield (George Pensotti and Amanda Boxer) as they are counting on him to locate their missing daughter Diane (Simone Bowkett); her husband Greg (Charles Dance) claims she has left home after yet another domestic scene. When Walker digs deeper he uncovers information that links with Connor’s murder enquiry. They have a killing, and a killer who appears to have orchestrated the perfect murder. However, they have no body. Connor and Walker lock horns in unravelling the truth as the case becomes a battle of wits - a frightening horror story seeking a killer so clever that this case might never be brought to justice..
Lynda La Plante, Peter McAleese
Charles Beeson
Ben Cross, Charles Dance, David Hayman, Victoria Smurfit
April 2003

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