Unconditional Love (2002)

A child in danger. A race against time. And the unanswerable question: how far would you go to protect the thing you love most in the world?

Pete and Lydia Davies are an unexceptional couple. Until their three-year-old son Max is kidnapped. Max’s captor doesn’t want money, though. He wants Pete and Lydia to commit a robbery. However, after they have reluctantly gone through with it, instead of returning Max, the kidnapper ups the stakes for their next task – to burn down a house. Then he gives his final demand. And now Pete and Lydia begin a frantic race against time. Assuming they must know the kidnapper in some way, they have to turn the tables and attempt to find him before its too late. Because the last task is murder..

Starring Robson Green and Sarah Parish, “Unconditional Love” is a thrilling two-hour drama about love, morality, and two ordinary people under extraordinary pressure.
Mark Pybus
Ferdinand Fairfax
Robson Green, Sarah Parrish, Kaye Wragg, Howard Ward, Peter Capaldi
September / October 2002

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