Woundings (1997)

Set in a semi-futuristic world reminiscent of Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange and Orwell’s 1984, Woundings unfolds in a remote post-apocalyptic island under rigid militaristic rule and occupied by shell-shocked soldiers whose job is to colonise the island. To that end, the government recruits lonely young women from the mainland with dreams of adventure and ‘love in a uniform’. Among these women are Denise, Kim and Louise.

Kim meets Stanley; they soon announce their engagement and become the first success story of the re-colonisation. After the wedding, all hell breaks loose when a sniper takes a shot at the visiting Prince and marks the beginning of the end.

As the dust finally settles, the irony of the program and of war itself becomes increasingly clear.
Chris Hanley, Brad Schlei, Jordan Gertner, Keith Hayley and Lisa Collins
Roberta Hanley
Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone, Emily Lloyd, Jonathan Schaech, Charlie Creed-Miles
November / December 1997

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