As the new year has arrived, it’s time to have a look at the global TV trends in 2018. With the rise of streaming media like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, (as well as others we’ll see popping up this year) and as celebrities rush over to OTT TV to be our next binge watching addiction; it’s been a while since TV has seen so much disruption. We’ve compiled a top ten of TV trends we think will impact the television industry in 2018:

Bifurcation of the TV Industry

With more ways to view content than ever, what does that mean for content makers? We’re already seeing the shift to TV splitting into two: live, event based content¬† and high end dramas and documentaries on the other. Amol Rajan discusses in his media trends article for the BBC.

Monetisation beyond Netflix and Amazon

Wendy Bernfield, founder of Rights Stuff, advised content makers to focus on new digital and hybrid players. The prized Netflix deal is becoming more and more of a mythical beast, reports Screendaily.

The Future of Television 2018 - Top TV Trends

Scale, Scale, Scale

2018 sees further ramp up of original content and bigger than ever budgets, a super-merger of giants and Disney’s movie streaming platform nearing launch. Andreas Wiseman shares his own top nine storylines thought to dominate the year ahead.

Targeted Advertising

With the digital nature of OTT TV a large amount of customisation comes with ad products, going some way to solving the problem of having an age where consumers have only a small amount of patience for what is seen as interruptive advertising. Alan Wolk, contributor for Forbes, discusses the crossroads the TV world currently finds itself in.

Niche goes Mainstream

Not only is advertising becoming more tailored to the user, long and short form content itself is looking to be going the same way, sitting above the production value of YouTube, but not at the GOT level.

“Facebook is looking to find niche content communities with sizable user bases and create shows that are attractive to those audiences, using the Facebook platform to drive tune-in and create awareness.” Alan Wolk, Co-Founder/Lead Analyst at TV[R]EV

Longevity in eSports

It looks like eSports is here to stay. 2018 sees large and long-term investments being made in the eSports sector and the investment bug seems to be catching with some big players committing some serious money. Is this the next big shift in the (lucrative) entertainment industry? Brian Chang discusses for Dot Esports.

Skinny TV and Social Media on Steroids

Where does social media fit in to the TV picture? The race is on for social giants to be the first to get it right. And will Google’s Youtube TV be one to watch in 2018? Jennifer Van Grove reports.

License to Broadcast – Brexit Skyfall

Brexit has many far and wide implications for many industries, the TV, film and media industries also have to brace themselves for what may come in 2018. “Over 1,000 exported TV channels will find themselves exposed”, explains Robert Briel for Broadband TV News.

The Future of Television 2018 - Top TV Trends - Smart TV

What happened to UK local TV?

And, what is the future of it? Why does Birmingham, Alabhama have eight local television stations and Birmingham, West Midlands a grand total of zero? Mike Manning from a516digital looks at the 34 available licenses in the UK and what the future holds for UK local TV.

Viking proposal for the future of Public Broadcasting

Looking globally, Denmark’s governing Liberal party is planning a new platform for Danish- produced content, Danflix. Paid for by television licensing and promising a shake-up in the way Danish viewers access public service content.


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