The Many Lives of Albert Walker (2001)

The Many Lives of Albert Walker tells the true story of Albert Walker - a ruthless yet charismatic fraudster, his beautiful wife Helen and DC George Meyrick, the idiosyncratic Devon-based detective on his trail. When the body of Ronald Peck is found caught up in the nets of a Devon fishing trawler, Meyrick is assigned to the case.

With the police on their tail, the couple go on the run, leaving Meyrick to unpick the threads of their nomadic existence. Along the way, he discovers missing millions, a trail of aliases and the real nature of Morrow’s relationship with his wife..
Sophie Gardner/Ian MacDougall
Harry Hook
John Gordon Sinclair, Robert Putt, Lesley Dunlop, Emma Buckley, John Benfield
October 2001

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Peel, Isle of Man

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Port Erin

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Douglas, Isle of Man

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The Laxey Water Wheel

36 Mines Road, Isle of Man

The Laxey Wheel is a large waterwheel built in the village of Laxey in the Isle of Man in 1854. Designed by Robert Casement, it has a 72-foot-6-inch (22.1 m)…

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