The Boys & Girl from County Clare (2002)

Set against a backdrop of traditional Irish music - this is an ensemble story centred around two brothers, both fiddle players, who meet up again for the first time in twenty five years, as band leaders and arch rivals in the finals of the All Ireland Ceili band competition, the strict time of jigs, reels and hornpipes played for set dancers.

Now both in their forties and with an old score to settle concerning their estrangement, their story and that of those around them, is a comedic drama of music, sabotage, love and eventual forgiveness of Montagues versus Capulets and a pair of young star-crossed lovers, both musicians in rival bands..

And unbeknownst to the two brothers, a late entrant in the competition, their elder brother, who left Ireland to become a missionary in Africa thirty years before, turns up with a surprise band of his own, ready to upset the whole show..
Evzen Kolar, Bill Kenwright, Wolfgang Esenwein
John Irvin
Andrea Corr, Bernard Hill, Colm Meaney, Patrick Bergin, Shaun Evans
November/ December 2002

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