The Second Quest (2003)

A year after they accidentally bumped into each other for the first time since they were electrician’s apprentices together, Charlie, Dave and Ronno meet up again when Charlie has a serious accident and the other two visit him in hospital. They recall their trip to the Isle of Man in 1960 when, while all three were still virgins, Charlie was searching for Sandra, the love of his life, whose mother had forced her to give him up and sent on holiday there. On the boat the boys meet up with three of the contestants for the final of the Miss Isle of Man beauty contest...and, while Dave and Ronno are too seasick to pay much attention, the beauty queens take Charlie under their wing.

On the Island, the boys have a terrifying night at the hands of what they imagine to be horrific Manx creatures... Dave and Ronno attempt to impress two girl motorcyclists with their own motorcycle abilities on the T.T. course...are made fools of by the girls and end up in a police cell...while Charlie spends the day being cosseted by the beauty queens as he searches for his lost love.

The beauty contest ends in a riot when the crooner who is judging it, and who several of the girls had ‘obliged’ on the promise of victory, awards the crown to someone else. The boys are invited back to the beauty queens’ hotel and seem to have the prospect of sex if they will only agree to help the beauty queens take their revenge on the crooner by stealing his precious Manx cat. The attempted theft goes disastrously wrong and the boys are forced to flee the island with their virginity sadly intact.
David Reynolds
David Jason
David Jason, Roy Hudd, Greg Faulkner, Jim Sturgess, Max Wrottesley, Les Dennis
July 2003

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