Hearts and Minds

We are a UK company primarily specialising in providing armourer services for the television and film industry; supplying weapons and complete armourer services for full or part production. We can also offer physical special effects services.

The Director, Mike Wild, has over 18 years armourer and physical special effects experience in the film industry. Mike has past experience working on the Isle of Man, having worked on previous Isle of Man Film productions, including ‘The Legend Of The Tamworth Two’.

We have expertise in import and export and are able to source weapons from across the globe of both Section 1 and Section 5 under the Firearms Act 1968 as amended, as well as military hardware. We have established relationships and contacts with manufacturers and suppliers across the globe.

We hold a large stock of weapons in our own UK armoury in Hertfordshire and we are able to make weapons and rubber copies as well as modify weapons to clients’ requirements, either on set or in one of our fully equipped workshops in Hertfordshire.

We take very seriously the responsibility for the safety of the cast and crew and provide detailed Risk Assessments and Health and Safety Assessments.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mike to discuss further.

John Brandon

John Brandon is an Armourer and current RFD based on the Isle of Man.

He holds a current UK Section 5 holder (the only certified one on the Island) and is a Section 17 holder.

Classic Arms is a full armoury storage facility.

John is ex British Army (his last tour was Iraq in 2003) and has been a Skill at Arms SNCO and an All Arms Instructor. He is also a fully qualified teacher with an in date clearance with the advanced DBS (CRB).

Classic Arms has already been used as a store and secure for weapons (fully automatic and semi auto) that production companies want to bring to the island for filming, but John is now looking to expand his services to the film industry.

telephone: 07624 474850

past productions:

Empty (2018)
— Armourer

Kieran Dempsey

Rental of Replica Imitation Firearms:

GBB 1/1 Scale Assault Rifles... M16 - M14 - M4 HK G636 AK47 - AK74 Sub Machine Guns HK MP5 - MP7 Thompson Machine Gun Pistols

Please refer to IOM Department of Home Affairs on (t) 01624 694300 prior to display or performance using these items.

Steve Beresford

Owns a range of classic British sports cars from the 50s and 60s. Ex-military, can provide training in weapons handling and licensed to store firearms overnight.

telephone: 01624 880889

past productions:

The Libertine (2004)
— Weaponry Instructor
Churchill, The Hollywood Years (2003)
— Armourer
The Brylcreem Boys (1995)
— Armourer

Stuart Headon

NRA - Range Conducting Officer / Armourer. Available to assist on set with all aspects of safe firearms handling. Police and Armed Forces background.

past productions:

Spooks: The Greater Good (2014)
— Armourer
Titanic Town (1998)
— Armourer
Tomorrow Never Dies (1998)
— Armourer
Soldier Soldier (TV Series 7) (1997)
— Armourer