Chris Banks

With over 20 years experience I have recently worked on large set productions for BBC and ITV, covering roles as lighting-TV Gaffer,Board Operator,Moving Light/Technology Tech,X-FLEX LED Ribbon installation and operation, Dimmer Tech. I also looked after the in house lighting at the Manchester Central Convention Centre (formerly Gmex). I can competently draw, read and implement lighting plans and have vast experience organizing crew and equipment at the highest level.

Previous Experience:

Owner, c-lighting
June 2001 – Present (13 years 2 months)Manchester, United Kingdom
Lighting design for Corporate and Television
Crew Chief-LED and Event

Lighting Designer, Playlight
May 1998 – February 2001 (2 years 10 months)

Emma Poyntz

Emma Poyntz has been a professional freelance logger since 2015, working mainly on shows for the Discovery Channel / Raw TV.

From 2011-2014 she was the Assistant to the Producer of Cinewerx in LA which produced the Nephilim feature 3D animation.

From 2008-2010 she was Production Manager for A Martin CGI.

From 2005-2008 she was Animation Studio Manager at Balley Beg Ltd. Projects during that time included Iron Man and Freefonix (Method Studio Paris / Cinnamon Ent London), and Finley the Fire Engine (Kickstart Ent LA / Cinnamon Ent London for the BBC).


Gabriela Miranda-Rodrig, Edit PA, Gold Rush for Raw TV

Mark Carter, Edit Producer, Parker’s Trail 2,

telephone: 07624 311230


past productions:

Gold Rush Season 9 (2018)
— Logger
Parker's Trail 2 (2018)
— Logger
Gold Rush Season 8 (2017)
— Logger
Gold Rush - Parker's Trail (2017)
— Logger
Winter is Coming (2017)
— Logger
Where Hands Touch (2016)
— Production Coordinator
Homestead Rescue (2016)
— Logger
Revelations (2016)
— Logger
Gold Rush Season 7 (2016)
— Logger
Jean (short) (2016)
— 1st AD
Suddenly Royal (2015)
— Logger
Untitled Reality TV Series, The Learning Channel (TLC) US (2015)
— Script Logger
Battle of Ronaldsway (short) (2015)
— 1st AD / Producer
Curtain Call (short) Dir: Lesley Manning (2015)
— 1st AD / Script Supervisor
Amy (short) (2014)
— Script Supervisor
Muck (short) (2014)
— Script Supervisor
Nephilim (2014)
— Assistant to Producer
Muck (short) (2014)
— Script Supervisor
Amy (short) (2012)
— Script Supervisor
Closet (short) (2012)
— Script Supervisor
Iron Man (Animated Series) (2008)
— Studio Manager (Bally Beg Ltd)
Big Nothing (2007)
— Script Assistant
Freefonix (CBBC) (2006)
— Studio Manager (Bally Beg Ltd)
Finley the Fire Engine (animated series) (2005)
— Studio Manager (Bally Beg Ltd)