Churchill, The Hollywood Years (2003)

Directed by Peter Richardson (STELLA STREET, THE COMIC STRIP PRESENTS…) and written by Richardson with Pete Richens, "Churchill, The Hollywood Years" is a comic retelling of one of Britain’s most historic moments…as seen through the eyes of Hollywood.

American movie moguls are producing 'Churchill', a movie about World War II. Unhappy that their leading man is an old, fat, cigar smoking Englishman an ambitious executive suggests replacing him with Christian Slater, the dashing and all American action hero, star of their recent hit movie “Pump”.

Christian Slater (BROKEN ARROW, TRUE ROMANCE) stars as the new improved Churchill with Neve Campbell (SCREAM and Robert Altman’s forthcoming THE COMPANY) taking the role of the young Princess Elizabeth.

Slater and Campbell are supported by a cast of the best of British comedians, veteran and new, including Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, Leslie Phillips, Mackenzie Crook (‘The Office’), James Dreyfuss (‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme…’), Steve Pemberton (‘The League of Gentlemen’) and Harry Enfield.

Adolf Hitler is played by Anthony Sher and Eva Braun by Miranda Richardson.
Jonathan Cavendish, Ben Swaffer, Dixie Linder
Peter Richardson
Christian Slater, Neve Campbell, Miranda Richardson, Harry Enfield, Leslie Phillips
April / May 2003

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