Calvin Smith

Freelance composer and sound designer, and a Music graduate of The University of Sheffield.

Within my degree, I chose modules that further my ability to produce audio for media. Sound and Moving Image developed my ability to compose music that responds to visuals, and Sound Recording Practice provided useful knowledge for recording instruments and sounds with ideal mics in effective positions.

- Experienced in various DAWs (Cubase & REAPER), having created a number of compositions and recording mixes for both university and outside work
- Experienced in audio editing programs (Sony Sound Forge & Audacity), processing and mixing sounds to produce clear recordings and sound effects
- Using the above software to transform and enhance sound, e.g. using reverb and EQ for vocal tracks, and granulation techniques to achieve a specific sound effect
- Recording instruments and voice in a professional studio, selecting and setting up suitable mics in appropriate positions
- Experienced in using score notation software such as Sibelius
- Building basic applications and audio processors in Pure
- Data, an open-source visual programming language
- Video editing with Sony Vegas, adding composed music to film and pictures to represent work in audiovisual format

telephone: 07716986857